Win #7 of "55" Signed by Gillian Anderson and Gary Yap

Author: Gary Yap, NF Network
Published On: 03/22/2022

55 is a comic book series by Gary Yap, starring Gillian Anderson. Starting with a BANG (literally) and dropped into the story mid-mission, 55 follows the journey of [REDACTED] - now known as 55 - as she navigates her way through the chaos of modern espionage in a world where 'Nothing Exists Anymore' and the Truth isn't what it seems. Haunted. Hunted. Courted. From cliffhanger to cliffhanger, NOTHING can prepare you for the ride that is 55!

In support of the thousands living with neurofibromatosis, we are raffling off the 7th (of 55) Signed & Numbered copy of 55 #1, signed by Gillian Anderson and Gary Yap! There are only 55 copies of 55 #1 that exist, and even fewer signed by both Gillian and Gary. Now is your chance to win this exclusive prize!

The raffle goes live on Monday, March 28th and will close at 11:59PM CT on Monday, April 4th. Every $10 donated gets you a chance in the prize drawing. Entry to the raffle will be done via PayPal:  

  • Use your country's PayPal site ( ) to sign in or create a PayPal account. Please note PayPal must authenticate your account before you are able to send money. Depending on your country's location, PayPal may take up to 2 weeks to verify your account. Please be sure to create and authenticate your account as soon as possible to guarantee your entry before the prize drawing. 
  • Once logged into PayPal, hit "Send Money" and enter the email address As a reminder, every $10 donation means 1 entry into the prize drawing.

Once you have submitted payment, you will receive a PayPal email confirmation with your donation receipt. If you have received the email from PayPal, you will be entered into the raffle prize drawing. 3 total winners will be drawn. Second and third prize winners will receive a printed copy of 55 #1, with the grand prize being the #7 Signed & Numbered copy of 55 #1.

Make an impact on the NF community and take a chance at winning an incredible prize! For questions, please email Good luck!




Gary Yap started out in comic books, working for Eclipse, Malibu/Eternity, and DC Comics throughout the 90s. In 1997, Yap entered the world of animation, where for the last 20+ years he's worked on everything from King of the Hill (earning an Emmy nomination for Storyboarding) to the Simpsons to the award-winning series, OVER. His last project, Talk to Me, Nico: Rescuing Rhinos in South Africa won the 2019 Burbank International Film Festival award for Best Short Documentary. 55 marks Yap's full-time return to comics.

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