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With the support of our partners at AstraZeneca, the NF Network is pleased to announce the launch of a new program, the “NF Heartline” – a hotline number designed to provide help and answer questions on your NF journey. 

The NF Heartline directly connects you with a knowledgeable NF advocate who can provide you with personalized support along your NF journey.  By contacting the NF Heartline, your call will be answered by someone who understands the challenges and concerns that you may be facing and will be able to provide help in areas you may need it most. We will be able to match NF friends and families with others living with neurofibromatosis, provide information on NF experts and specialists in locations across the country, share research and clinical trial opportunities available to the NF community, and much more.

We are here to connect with you and help you on your NF journey. The NF Network offers an abundance of resources including educational materials, recorded webinars, connections to expert NF care and local support, information on clinical trials, and many upcoming events. We are here to make sure no one travels the NF journey alone, and the NF Heartline is here to help find the answers you need.

Call the NF Heartline at 800-942-6825 or email us at