NF Hope Concerts




A series of Concerts aimed at ending Neurofibromatosis

Jeff and Melody Leibow created the NF Hope Concerts in 2011 after their daughter, Emma, was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (or NF) at the age of nine months old. NF is a genetic disorder of the nervous system characterized by tumors that can grown on any nerve in the body at any time. Symptoms range in severity from benign to severe and include attention and learning issues, blindness, deafness, chronic pain, deformation, cancers and death. NF affects 1 in every 2,500 births making it more common than Cystic Fibrosis, hereditary Muscular Dystrophy, Huntington’s Disease and Tay Sachs combined.

The most challenging aspect for families living with NF is that there is currently no cure and no treatments, which means that the only thing we, as parents, can do is wait for something to happen and hope that it never does. For that reason, Jeff and Melody founded the NF Hope Concert in 2011 because neither of them wanted to just wait.

This concert is what they do for Emma and the 128,000 living with NF in the US alone, when in truth, there is very little they can do. The NF Hope Concerts, which started in Las Vegas, have now expanded into New York and Chicago, and 100% of the proceeds from all of them go to Neurofibromatosis Network, a nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals with NF.



Amid ongoing concerns about the novel coronavirus COVID-19, the NF Network has made the difficult decision to indefinitely postpone the NF Hope Concerts being held in Chicago on March 29th and New York City on May 4th. We share this news with a heavy heart, and take the safety of our staff, NF community, patrons, and performers very seriously. 

To find out how to still support the cause and read the full statement from NF Hope Concert Co-Founder, Jeff Leibow, please click here

At this time, Las Vegas' 10th Annual NF Hope Concert is still scheduled as planned for Sunday, October 18th; however, the NF Network is monitoring the virus coverage daily and will make these decisions on a case by case basis. 

Las Vegas' 10th Annual NF Hope Concert

Sunday, October 18th, 2020
Myron's Cabaret Jazz at the Smith Center - Las Vegas, NV