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In the summer of 2016, I noticed that coffee shop baristas yelling out names reminded me of Mulder yelling out “Scullaaay!” on my favorite show, The X-Files. So I gave my name as Scully for a laugh, shared the picture with some other fans, and encouraged them to try it, too. I even promised to donate a dollar to the Neurofibromatosis Network for everyone who did it. I didn’t raise a whole lot of money, but the idea to have a #ScullyCoffee4NF day on Scully's birthday was born.

Gillian Anderson rose to fame on The X-Files playing Special Agent Dana Scully. She continues to delight her fans with memorable roles in The Fall, Sex Education and The Crown just to name a few. Ms. Anderson has also been a longtime supporter of the NF Network. As fans of Gillian, we thought this would be a fun way to support the work of the NF Network & celebrate her iconic character’s birthday.

Since 2017, #ScullyCoffee4NF has donated over $18,000 to the NF Network thanks to loyal X-Files fans. We extend deep gratitude to everyone who has donated in the past and thank Gillian Anderson for inspiring generosity in your fans. HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY SCULLAAAAY!

#ScullyCoffee4NF is over for 2024. See you next year!

Missed out? We have a special one-of-a-kind quilt availble until March 31, 2024 to celebrate her 6oth birthday. To bid, go here, and click on "X-Files Quilt" under contributing. Every $10 donation buys you an entry. To see past prizes, scroll down.




1. Use the name “Scully” at your favorite coffee shop, or just take a creative coffee picture from home. We love the fun pictures, but we want you all to be safe this year, too!

2. Take a picture or video and share it on FacebookX or Instagram and tag it #ScullyCoffee4NF.

3. Make a donation to the NF Network in honor of ScullyCoffee4NF day. Be sure to select ScullyCoffee4NF from the dropdown menu under ‘contributing towards.’  Every $10 donated gets you a chance in our donor prize drawing - prizes pictured below. So $20=2 chances to win, $30=3 chances to win, etc. Only one prize per person.

If you can’t get to a coffee shop or you don’t drink coffee, no problem - be creative!  The important part is to make the donation at the NF Network, you’ll still be entered in the drawing-the coffee pictures are just for fun!


Open to everyone, as long as your mailing address is located on planet Earth!


Donor Prize #1

‘55’ comic by #9/55 signed by Gillian Anderson and artist/writer Gary Yap. 
Donated by The NF Network


Donor Prize #2

Unproduced script from The X-Files Season 10, from the collection of Chris Carter.

Donated by SPN Script Hunt 


Donor Prize #3

Screen worn David Duchovny Mulder shirt & tie from The X-Files Season 10.

Donated by Melanie T. 


Donor Prize #4


Two call sheets used in the production of The X-Files and an assortment of PhileFest swag.

Call sheets donated by Nita L. & Melanie T., PhileFest swag donated by Kristin S.


Donor Prize #5

Apollo 11 keychain with art by J.J. Lendl, Queequeg action figure, and more PhileFest swag!

Donated by Melanie T. and Kristin S. 


Donor Prize #6

Gillian Anderson vintage X-files publicity items

Biography on Fox Network letterhead dated April 30, 1996. Vintage Gillian Anderson actor resume on Beth Cannon Company letterhead. Vintage publicity packet from B&B Entertainment containing headshot and short bio.

Donated by Mary Ann Wilson

Donor Prize #7


“Lots and lots of (X) Files Art” prize pack. Art is still coming in, Check out the X account for updates. 

We’ll draw the winners at random sometime after February 23rd and announce them on social media. One prize per person, international donors are welcome. Odds of winning depend on how many donations are received. Winners must contact to claim your prize. The NF Network will keep your full name and contact information private.


Thank you again, X-Philes and Gillian fans!
Questions? Contact us via email