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Las Vegas' NF Hope Concert Celebrates 10 Years of Raising Funds and Awareness for NF

Las Vegas' NF Hope Concert Celebrates 10 Years of Raising Funds and Awareness for NF

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IQVIA Conducting New Research Study for Individuals with NF1 and Plexiform Tumors

IQVIA, a healthcare research firm, is currently conducting a new research project measuring pain associated with plexiform neurofibromas. By participating, you will help researchers understand the complexity and pain associated with PNs, which may lead to new treatments.


DermResearch and NFlection Therapeutics Seeking Participants for Cutaneous Neurofibroma Clinical Trial

DermResearch and NFlection Therapeutics are currently seeking new participants to enroll in their clinical trial for a new topical drug treatment. This trial is to study a gel treatment for cutaneous neurofibromas.

Event Highlight

Yale New Haven Hospital Opens New NF Clinic

With the hard work from Dr. Asher Marks and Dr. Frank Buono, the duo have helped found a new NF clinic at Yale New Haven Hospital. The clinic, led by Dr. Marks, will offer a multi-disciplinary team to provide exceptional, coordinated, world class care to neurocutaneous syndrome patients regionally, and contribute to the community nationally.

People Spotlight

What will come of Autumn? A girl, a disfiguring tumor and a clinical trial that offers hope

After a plexiform tumor began to grow on her daughter's face, Lyndsay enrolled Autumn in a clinical trial to help stop the growth and progression. In recent months, the trial has given the NF1 community and Lyndsay something that has long been elusive: proven results and hope.

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