Swedish teen walks using 3D printed hip implant

Author: Julia for 3ders.org
Published On: 12/12/2016

Researchers at Skane University Hospital in Sweden have collaborated with 3D printing company Materialise to put teenager Fanny Fellesen back on her feet with a new 3D printed hip implant.

Fellesen, a Swedish 16-year-old with neurofibromatosis, a congenital disease also known as “Von Recklinghausen’s disease,” has coped with severe hip pain her entire life. A skeletal deformation of the left hip, along with a neurofibroma that devastated her pelvis, meant a great deal of pain and difficulty for the teenager.

In 2010, doctors surgically removed Fellesen’s neurofibroma, but after suffering a femur fracture a few months later, her situation worsened. At the time, Fellesen was left with no other option but home schooling, as for two years she was unable to physically attend classes. Doctors believed that Fellesen would require a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

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