Summer of Giving with the NF Network

Author: NF Network, Breanna Bronowski-Stutsman
Published On: 07/01/2019

Neurofibromatosis, or NF, is one of the most common genetic disorders, and most have never heard of it. NF affects 1 in every 2,500 births and 128,000 Americans nationwide. Each year, 1,600 new babies will be diagnosed with NF.

This summer, our goal is to be ready to serve our new NF families. One $20 donation provides one newly diagnosed NF family a packet of information that includes resources and educational material to help them better understand their diagnosis. We need your help in spreading awareness and helping us reach our goal to be ready to serve our new families.

 One easy way to help us in our “Summer of Giving” is to create a Facebook fundraiser for the NF Network! Facebook Fundraisers are easy to create, and even easier to help spread the word about NF.

With the link below, you will be able to easily create a Facebook fundraiser for Neurofibromatosis Network. Once you’ve created your fundraiser, feel free to share it with family, friends and co-workers and encourage them to help you raise money on Facebook.

NF Network Facebook Fundraiser link:


Before you begin your fundraiser, take a moment to review these 5 tips for boosting your Facebook fundraiser for the Neurofibromatosis Network.


1. Share your story.

For each Facebook fundraiser created, Facebook will preload text to fill the summary of your fundraiser. You are welcome to use the template, but your friends, family and people who care want to hear why you created the fundraiser and why you’re giving to the NF Network. Keep things short and sweet - this will be what people see when they land on your fundraising page, or when you share it on social media!

2. Set your goal.

Setting a goal provides an incentive and gives you a target to focus on. Aim for the minimum you need but remember that every little bit helps!

3. Share, reply, and post updates!

Be sure to share your fundraiser with your friends, family, and colleagues. As people donate, reply to their donations and thank them! Show people you are appreciative of their support with your fundraising efforts and keep them informed of how close you are to goal.

4. Include all donations and send offline donations to the NF Network.

Not all people are on social media, and some may want to contribute offline. That’s okay! Keep track of your donations until you are able to send them to the office, and post updates on your fundraiser to make sure you’re including the full total. For those who still wish to contribute online, but aren’t on Facebook, donations can be made via our website:

5. Share your fundraiser with the NF Network!

Let the NF Network know of your fundraiser so we can assist in promoting it! Our goal is to continue helping our NF families and to be ready to serve the new NF families in need of educational material and NF resources. Each $20 donation will provide one family that NF packet of information, and each contribution takes us one step closer to being ready for that.


We thank you for supporting our Summer of Giving! Each donation allows us to continue our mission-related initiatives of support and research for the NF community. If you aren’t able to create a Facebook fundraiser and still wish to support the NF Network, please consider giving via our website:

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