Author: Shilp Shah, SketchNF
Published On: 02/15/2024

SketchNF is so excited to announce their new coloring book "My Colorful Life With Neurofibromatosis"! It illustrates the real stories of 14 children with NF while educating in a fun and engaging way for children of all ages. Moreover, it highlights how each individual has dealt with their own unique challenges but hasn't let that stop them from pursuing their passions. Our goal is to distribute this book to NF clinics so that when a child is told their diagnosis, they can learn more about life with NF and are inspired to pursue whatever they are passionate about!

So far we have almost 30 clinics nationwide that have agreed to use this book with their patients, and we hope to continue increasing that number. If you would like to purchase your own copy (which allows us to donate 2 books to clinics), please visit

We are also asking for the NF community's support in fundraising so that we reach as many children with NF as possible! If you would like to help increase awareness and build a stronger pediatric NF community, please visit and donate whatever you feel is appropriate to support our initiative!

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