Share Your Hope for NF for NF Awareness Month

Author: NF Network, Breanna Bronowski-Stutsman
Published On: 04/23/2020

Each May, we rally together around the world to celebrate NF Awareness Month. Each year, you continue to inspire us with your support and encouragement within your communities as you spread the word about neurofibromatosis. Now as the world has been affected in ways we never thought possible, it’s important to lean on those in your communities and share some light and hope with those around you.

In light of the recent approval of the first treatment in the history of NF, we at the NF Network are hopeful for the future treatments that are to come as a result of Koselugo. Now more than ever, we know that an eventual cure for NF is possible.

For the month of May, we want to take a moment to reflect on what “hope” means for those we love most. Using the hashtag #MyHope4_____, we want YOU to fill in the blank and share your hope for you and your loved ones affected by NF. Whether it is hope for even more or improved treatments for NF, or a hope that they are safe during the pandemic, OUR hope is that you will continue to picture a future where NF ceases to exist.


Think about #MyHope4MyFriend, #MyHope4Myself, #MyHope4MyGrandpa, or simply #MyHope4NF! Write down your hopes on a piece of paper or poster you have at home and take a picture with it. Then, share the photo on social media using your hashtag and be sure to tag the NF Network in your post.

Invite friends, family, and peers to join in and participate! Every photo helps not only raise awareness, but also continue to share hope and build support in your communities. Together, we continue to raise our voices and take another step closer towards a cure for NF.

Happy NF Awareness Month!

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