Portraits and pasta

Author: Sharon Loftspring
Published On: 04/03/2017

Members of the NF Central Plains community joined a crowd at the Kansas City Artists’ Coalition gallery for a special exhibit entitled “Portrait of a Disorder: Neurofibromatosis.”

The March 3 exhibit featured oil portraits of adults with NF from all over the world and depicted them simply living their lives. Each painting was accompanied by a biography of the subject, giving viewers insight into the way that person copes with NF.

Rachel Mindrup, the artist (and mother of a child with NF), explained how her project got started and how it has developed. Her talk was both moving and informative.

Nichole Servos, president of NF Central Plains, surprised her family by unveiling her portrait, the latest in Rachel’s collection.

Following the presentation at the gallery, the group enjoyed dinner in a private room at Garozzo’s Italian Restaurant. Mindrup joined in for a Q & A session and socializing.

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