#NFStrong at Home: A New Online Event Experience

Author: NF Network, Breanna Bronowski-Stutsman
Published On: 09/10/20

Each year, our NF communities gather together in cities and towns across the country become one voice to spread NF awareness and raise funds for better treatments and a cure to end neurofibromatosis. As the environment surrounding the pandemic continued to evolve, the NF Network decided to take our #NFStrong events to the streets in a new online event experience - #NFStrong at Home.

#NFStrong at Home is a series of virtual walks, uniting our NF communities in the fight against neurofibromatosis. Featuring fun live kickoffs with appearances by our walk chairs and other members of the NF Network family, these events have become a way for our families and individuals to stay connected while we celebrate apart.

Our first #NFStrong at Home event kicked off in Boardman, OH, where runners, walkers, and bikers alike spread NF awareness in neighborhoods and gyms around the world. Participants shared pictures and videos of friends crossing the finish line or walking in their favorite spots. With participants stretching from California, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even South Africa, our NF community showed us that we are stronger together, and together we are #NFStrong.

You can join us at our next #NFStrong at Home events by visiting www.nfstrong.org. Together we take one step closer to finding better treatments and a cure to end NF.


Questions? Contact Breanna at bbronowskistutsman@nfnetwork.org or 630-510-1115.

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