NFRP Presents FY 2018 New Investigator Award Recipients

Author: Deb McCarthy
Published On: 10/16/2019

The NF Network Advocacy Program is the leading national Neurofibromatosis advocacy program working to secure federal funds for neurofibromatosis research.  The program consists of several NF patient advocacy organizations coming together as one voice on Capitol Hill educating congress on the importance of funds for NF research.  The program is advised by a Leadership Council and attended by NF patient organizations and individual participants. 

For the past 20 years, during Hill Visit days, the NF Network Advocacy Program stormed the halls of congress with strong NF advocates educating congressional offices about the importance of federal funding for NF research.  Advocates participating in this program have been the voice of the NF community on Capitol Hill for 20 years, and have been instrumental in generating over $320 million dedicated to NF research. 

NF advocates, urge his/her Senators and Representatives to support NF research funding through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) and the National Institute of Health (NIH). Continued Congressional funding is critical to the clinical trials that may ultimately lead to a treatment and cure for NF and related disorders. It is with support of the NF Advocates that the funding programs become possible.   

By signing up to receive the NF Advocacy Action alerts you can play a vital role in securing federal funding for NF research. Give us a call and we will assist you, 630-510-1115 or sign up to Stay iNFormed here

Please take a moment to view the Fiscal Year 2018 New Investigator Award Recipients presented by the Neurofibromatosis Research Program (NFRP) here

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