NF Tennessee Joins the National NF Network

Author: NF Tennessee
Published On: 08/01/2023

Since 2017 NF Tennessee has had as its mission to help build a community for people and families with NF in the Tennessee region. Across the country there are other groups that been active forming NF communities like this for decades. Under the umbrella of the Neurofibromatosis Network, a group of these organizations with similar missions have been working together to build a stronger NF community for everyone affected by NF. It is with a real special pleasure and pride that with the growth of our programs and the support of the Tennessee NF community, NF Tennessee has joined the Neurofibromatosis Network as a Member Organization. We hope the resources, knowledge, access to advocacy and other programs that the NF Network supports will benefit our regional NF community even more than they already do.

Learn more about NF Tennessee and how they're making a difference in their region here.

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