Meet NF Runner, Tim!

Author: NF Network, Tim Gross
Published On: 04/17/2024

Runner With Neurofibromatosis Is Spreading Hope for NF Awareness Month

May is Neurofibromatosis (NF) Awareness Month, and the NF community faces challenges in terms of healthcare equity, awareness, and quality of life. In honor of NF Awareness Month, we would like to introduce you to Timothy Gross.

Timothy Gross was born in 1956 with the NF-2 SWN genes and lost his hearing starting in 1997, finally becoming completely deaf in 2007. This change in his life forced him to enter the “Non-Hearing” world, which can be very isolating at times, even with family, friends, co-workers, and strangers. However, eight years ago, he started running and racing, which helped him improve his overall health and rejoin the world he had known for his first 40 years. Running is now a passion that he shares with his wife, Laura, as they race both local and destination races every weekend. The running community has been so supportive of him.

NF is a challenging disorder to severe depending on each individual affected, and to bring awareness and fundraise for neurofibromatosis, Tim led our NF 5K called the Ducky Dash earlier this month. The Ducky Dash 5K is all about running (or walking) and supporting this underserved community! Participants "adopted" their favorite "duck" (AKA runner) to win a prize! Learn more about the Ducky Dash here.

Top: Tim pictured above in red and black racing singlet, Top Right: Tim with granddaughter, Maya  Above: Maya getting ready for the Ducky Dash

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