Mueller Lab for Gene Therapy - Horae Gene Therapy Center | University of Massachusetts Medical School

Author: UMass Medical School
Published On: 06/26/2019

Dr. Mueller from UMass attended NF2 BioSolutions's NF2/Gene Therapy consortium in Boston on March 29th. Being moved by the impact of NF2, Dr Mueller decided to run a gene therapy pilot to identify if his lab’s gene therapy platform could be a good candidate for tackling the NF2 mutation. The advantage of his platform is its ability to silence the mutated gene and then add a healthy one. Dr Mueller , assisted by Dr. Karin Meijboom, will be financing the development of the gene therapy NF2 vector for the pilot. Once manufactured, it will be tested on NF2 in order to determine efficiency. 
NF2 BioSolutions will facilitate the collaboration between the NF2 experts and Dr Mueller's lab.

And this is just the beginning, more to come !!! 
Continue to support and motivate us and more leading gene therapy labs are going to open their doors to NF2, increasing our chances to finally find a long term solution to NF2

Have a look at Dr Mueller's lab (the site is not yet updated with his new NF2 focus)

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