Meet the Advocate: Niall Covington

Author: NF Network, Niall Covington
Published On: 02/05/2021

Each year, the NF Network is delighted to welcome new advocates to the NF Network Advocacy Program. As our program grows, our voices continue to get louder in the fight for continued federal research funds for neurofibromatosis. While our format for this year’s meetings is a bit different, our mission remains the same – to advocate for and with the NF community.

Niall is a new advocate for the NF Arizona team. “I was diagnosed with NF Type 1 when I was four months old. Since then, I have been able to overcome several struggles with NF, such as my learning disability, allowing me to graduate from Northern Arizona University with my bachelor’s degree… I have learned so much from living with NF and so much more working with others who have NF as well.

I have volunteered with Brainy Camp’s Camp New Friends. Fun note: I was one of the original 25 children to attend the first summer of Camp New Friends! In addition, I have volunteered with Camp NF Michigan for a total of 15 years.

I am looking forward to participating this year with the [NF Network] Advocacy Program. Many of the lessons I have learned come from the children I’ve worked with at the summer camps. I hope I can serve them well as an advocate and further their voices.”

Together, with the help from our NF advocates and our NF community, we are making a difference in the world of neurofibromatosis. By sharing our voices on the Hill, we are not only raising awareness about NF, but also taking important steps toward better treatments and a cure to end NF.

We thank you for sharing your stories and being a part of one voice for the NF community.


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