‘So proud’ - Matthew’s award triumph is a first for county Scouts

Author: Redditch Editorial
Published On: 01/04/2024

Matthew scouts in the West Warwickshire district – most frequently covering Studley and Alcester.

Matthew was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis at the age of eight, following a series of epileptic seizures, which led to the discovery of several brain tumours. In December 2015, he underwent a gruelling 12-hour surgery to remove a brain tumour, setting the stage for several personal challenges and his extraordinary scouting journey. After his surgery he faced the challenge of needing new levels of support and parental presence at Cubs. Undeterred, he returned to Cubs eight weeks post-surgery with the leadership team’s support, resuming active participation. It took over eight months for him to return to school full-time.

Despite ongoing seizures limiting his participation, Matthew earned the Chief Scouts’ Bronze award and smoothly transitioned to Scouts. His resilience and determination led him to participate in various scouting activities – tiredness and lasting effects posed barriers, but Matthew thrived on scout camps and completed the District Dovetrek challenge, a 12-mile activity hike, before lockdown. Matthew said: “Scouting allows me to be me, I can do as much as I can with the support of my friends despite my limitations. Scouting gives me a freedom from hospitals and lets me have a normal life."

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