13 Years & No Sign of Stopping: Las Vegas' NF Hope Concert

Author: Jeff Leibow, NF Hope Concert Co-Founder
Published On: 10/29/2023

The NF Hope Concerts have focused on positively impacting the NF community and making a difference in the world around us for 10 years! In the last decade, we have brought awareness of Neurofibromatosis to audience after audience. The concerts were created to support the NF community and fund NF Network's invaluable programs to empower NF families and improve their lives. Many individuals living with NF are being treated with chemotherapy and other similar anti-tumorial regiments, and as a result may be immune suppressed. For 18 months we have leveraged the power of virtual events to continue our mission while keeping our NF families safe. 

Now, we returned to Las Vegas, the birthplace of the NF Hope Concert, with Las Vegas' 13th Annual NF Hope Concert at Myron's at The Smith Center. Joined by a star-studded cast, we were delighted to welcome Toscha Comeaux, Gabie Lopez, the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts Choir, Ben Stone, Jasmine Trias, and NF Hope Concert founders Melody and Jeff Leibow along with our friend and host Chet Buchanan. 

Being in the audience or tuning in from home, the joy and raw emotion from the show impacted guests alike. These concerts and these moments remind us that we are not alone in this fight and we are all here to help support in whatever way we can.

From the Leibow family and the thousands living with neurofibromatosis across the country and around the world, we thank you for your ongoing support of the concert and the mission of the NF Network: to find better treatments and a cure for neurofibromatosis. Learn more about the concerts here.

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