Kim Bischoff, Executive Director of NF Network, is a #TCFGoalGetter

Author: NF Network, TCF Bank
Published On: 12/12/2019

TCF Bank strives to consistently deliver superior performance by providing the essential means to enhance the rhythm of customers’ lives and help them achieve their goals. Unified by the passion to act as an ally of their customers, TCF strives to create opportunities and win as a passionate team. TCF has supported the NF Network for many years, even becoming a local sponsor for Chicago's NF Hope Concerts. 

Inspired by their customers who are “crushing their goals and inspiring” them, TCF began their #TCFGoalGetters campaign, highlighting those individuals within the community who are helping to make the world a better place. Kim was selected as a #TCFGoalGetter for her work done with the NF Network. Kim’s daughter was born with NF1, and "with few answers and limited options, she took matters into her own hands."

Watch Kim’s #TCFGoalGetters story below:

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