Author: Samantha Christmann
Published On: 04/24/2018

When Barbara Langdon's son, Finnian, was 4 months old, she found a pea-sized lump on his back. She also noticed brown blotches called cafe au lait spots appearing on his skin.

The pediatrician said it was nothing to worry about, but her gut told her something different.

Her gut was right.

The lump and the lesions were both caused by neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on tissues in the nervous system. They can appear anywhere on the body from the skin and eyes to the kidneys, brain or spinal cord.

Thankfully, all of Finnian's tumors have been benign. When they get too big or uncomfortable, they're removed or "debulked." And though complications from neurofibromatosis can be extremely painful and cause hearing loss, learning impairment, cardiovascular problems and loss of vision; Finnian is doing well. 

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