Keeping Hope Alive: Baylee and the GGG

Author: NF Network
Published On: 07/08/2021

Our personal journeys and struggles are not ones that we have to endure alone as we see in this story with the Barradas family. Learning of Baylee Barradas’ ongoing treatment against cancer and inspired by her perseverance, the Group of Gentlemen Golfers had a goal to let her know that “there are a lot of people fighting this fight with you.”

Together, the GGG raised money for Neurofibromatosis Arizona – her local neurofibromatosis organization – for her to donate on her own. Their kindness and generosity allowed Baylee to donate $15,000 towards helping NF families and an additional $10,000 to dedicate to advocating for research at the national level.

We are grateful to the Group of Gentlemen Golfers and Baylee Barradas for supporting Neurofibromatosis Arizona and the thousands living with neurofibromatosis. In the words of the GGG, “For every mountain, there is a miracle.”

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