Hi, my name is Emily R. Adkins and I have NF1

Author: Emily R. Adkins
Published On: 05/10/2019

Hi, my name is Emily R. Adkins and I have NF1. I wanted to share my NF1 story. I was diagnosed at 4 years old, I am now 22. I have of course overcome a lot in my life. NF affects me a lot in my everyday life. I have a lot of learning issues due to NF. I have dyslexia, learning disabilities, the social issues that come with NF, and more. Physically, I have different kinds of migraines, femoral torsion (which cause different body pains), and I have one neurofibroma. But, I don’t let any of this stop me. 

When it comes to my achievements I have a lot. When I was a kid I took part in many sports and activities (cheer, band, {pep/concert/marching}, softball, Girl Scouts, and more.) When I was 10 I got a wish to meet the Power Rangers at Disney World. I graduated from high school in 2016 (at my high school and my career center: the criminal justice lab) & I graduate college in May 2019 (with an  Associates Degree in Criminal Justice.) I got my first job in June of 2016 at my local sheriff’s office as a Cadet and just got promoted to Jail Assistant. I still have much more to achieve in my life and have come further than what everyone expected. I’m sharing my story of never letting anyone or NF stopping me from my dreams and I hope more people with NF and other health and learning issues don’t let anything stop them for achieving their dreams. My hope is that one day there will be a cure for NF. 

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