Fun Before Back to School: Teen Game Night with the NF Network

Author: NF Network, Breanna Bronowski-Stutsman
Published On: 09/10/20

As the weather started to cool off and parents began to shop for school supplies, the NF Network invited teens and young adults of the NF community to join us for our first ever Teen Game Night with the NF Network. Families and individuals signed up from states across the country, reaching all the way from Washington to Massachusetts.

The night kicked off with introductions and a quick practice round of charades to warm up our acting skills. Excitement was felt through the video screens as the timer began and the actors began their performances. Each participant finished all 3 of their acting prompts in less than a minute, laughing and smiling as each action was guessed correctly.

The group took a short break in the middle of the line-up to discuss their favorite animals, show their pets to the camera, and share a small piece of their experiences with NF. As the final performances took place for the night, times were tallied up to decide a winner and plans were put in place for the next game night.  

The champion was crowned with the fastest time of 15 seconds, though everyone was a winner, leaving with fun memories and a few new friends.


Join us for our next Teen Game Night, Halloween Pictionary, on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00 PM CT. Learn more and RSVP here.

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