FREE CME Webinar: NF1 and Plexiform Neurofibromas with Dr. Bruce Korf

Author: PeerView
Published On: 03/21/2022

PeerView with the support from AstraZeneca is hosting a free Continuing Education webinar to inform medical professionals and physicians on Neurofibromatosis Type-1 and currently approved and emerging targeted therapies for NF1. The NF Network encourages our NF community to share this information with their physicians and medical staff. Details on the free webinar are listed below: 


Activity Description

Neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) is a rare autosomal dominant disorder of the nervous system that is associated with significant morbidity, including cutaneous and plexiform neurofibromas, optic pathway gliomas, skin pigmentation, bone deformities, neurocognitive deficits, and an increased risk of several types of cancer. Currently there is only one MEK inhibitor, selumetinib, approved for pediatric patients who have this debilitating rare disease. 

This live activity will provide expert insights into the pathophysiology of NF1, its clinical presentation, and practical guidance for management. In addition, the mechanistic rationale and latest evidence supporting the use of currently approved and emerging targeted therapies for NF1 will be presented. 


Educational Objectives

Upon completion of this CE activity, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the genetic etiology, diverse clinical symptomatology, and diagnostic characteristics of neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1)
  • Review the current treatment landscape and unmet needs for patients with plexiform neurofibromas (PNs) and other NF1–associated tumors
  • Evaluate the rationale for MEK inhibitors and other novel targeted therapies in clinical development for the treatment of NF1–related benign and malignant tumors (eg, plexiform neurofibromas, optic pathway gliomas, malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors)
  • Summarize recent evidence on the benefits and risks of MEK inhibitors and other emerging targeted therapy options for the management of NF1–related plexiform neurofibromas and other tumors in pediatric and adult patients
  • Incorporate MEK inhibitors into treatment plans for patients with NF1–related plexiform neurofibromas and other tumors, based on the latest evidence, recommendations, and effective multidisciplinary collaboration and coordination of care 


This activity is supported by an independent educational grant from AstraZeneca. View a full list of accreditation, credits, and additional details on the poster. For medical professionals interested in participating, please email

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