Contributing to health care reform

Author: Sarah Wise
Published On: 03/27/2017

Beverly Oberlander, a patient advocate for Neurofibromatosis California, participated in a roundtable discussion on health care reform with U.S. Representative Pete Aguilar.

The meeting focused on improving the Affordable Care Act and on Medicaid expansion. 

“I made a point about the fact that under the ACA, there was a major narrowing of networks and how that had impacted our people,” Oberlander said. “In any plan there must be access to the right specialists who are familiar with specific disease organizations.”

More than a dozen people attended the roundtable, including the congressman and two of his staff members, San Bernadino County employees, insurance underwriters, representatives from the Service Employee Union, doctors, and two heads of hospital outpatient clinics. 

“I was really the only person representing a disease organization,” Oberlander said. “I talked one-on-one with [the congressman] about NF and my story. He was really moved … and he told me several times that if there was anything at all his office could do for me to please let him know.”

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