Coffee for a Cause: The ScullyCoffee4NF Fan Fundraiser

Author: Melanie Thomas, ScullyCoffee4NF
Published On: 01/30/2020

Coffee and Gillian Anderson - what does any of this have to do with the NF Network? 

Since 2017, fans of the actress and the TV series The X-Files have organized, implemented, and supported a social media-based fundraiser for the NF Network. It had a rather quirky beginning in 2016 in an X-Files fan group on Facebook. A fan noticed coffee shop baristas yelling out names for ordersn, and it reminded her of Mulder, another character on the X-Files, yelling out “Scullaaay!” The fan gave her name as Scully for a laugh, shared the picture of the coffee cup, and encouraged other fans in the group to try it. She even promised to donate a dollar to the NF Network for everyone who did it. The first unofficial "Scully Coffee" day didn’t raise a whole lot of money, but the idea to organize a fundraiser for the NF Network on Scully's fictional birthday, February 23, was born. 

Gillian Anderson rose to fame on The X-Files playing Dana Scully and continues to delight her fans with memorable roles in The Fall and most recently, Sex Education. Anderson has also been a longtime supporter of the NF Network. The group of fans who started #ScullyCoffee4NF thought it would be a fun way to support the work of the NF Network and to celebrate Anderson’s generous spirit and her iconic character. The fundraiser is still going strong as the organizers prepare for their 4th annual event.

For more details on how to participate in ScullyCoffee4NF on February 23 and to view the prizes donors can win, visit the ScullyCoffee4NF page on our website.

Interested in starting your own unique fundraiser? Contact the NF Network office at 630-510-1115 or email us at 

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