Celebrating a Decade of NF Hope Concerts

Author: Jeff Leibow, NF Hope Concert Co-Founder
Published On: 10/26/2020

10 years…how do you say thank you for 10 years? Nothing seems big enough to express the kind of gratitude you feel for the familiar faces that show up year after year, or the awe-inspiring generosity toward this incredibly personal cause, or the talented musicians and performers and crew that selflessly give their time.

We never dreamed that we would celebrate a milestone like this so far away from the people who helped us get here. But we were not going to let this pandemic stop us from continuing to make a difference in the lives of the thousands upon thousand living with neurofibromatosis, even if it took some creativity, technology, and social distancing.

Edging toward our $1 million goal would not have been possible without our generous sponsors: SpringWorks Therapeutics, The Dan and Sallie Dutton Family Foundation, All-Western Mortgage, Brenda Halvorson (Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters), Findlay Toyota and PENTA Building Group.

At the heart of every one of the 16 concerts we have produced has been talent. We would be remiss not to name every single NF Hope Concert alumni (and we will very soon), but for now, we would like to thank the incredible performers who contributed their time and talents to Sunday’s concert: John Bayless, Elly Brown, Travis Cloer, Daniel Emmet, Philip Fortenberry, Ashley Fuller, Juliana Hansen, Kristen Hertzenberg, Christian Hoff, Clint Holmes, Melody Leibow, Ben Stone, Jasmine Trias, the incomparable Gillian Anderson and our emcee Chet Buchanan. We would also like to thank our invaluable crew, led by production stage manager Erica Santucci: JJ Hillman on sound, Adam Gorodetzer on video, Marci Skolnick on graphics and stream management and Mel Finley wrangling our on sight talent.

Most important of all, thank you to our followers, family and friends who not only joined us from their computers and TV and phones for Sunday’s concert, but have joined us time and time again at NF Hope Concerts over the last ten years. Thank you for your never ending support.

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