Celebrate Broadway with NF Hope Concert Live Stream, Second Edition

Author: Jeff Leibow, Co-Founder of the NF Hope Concerts
Published On: 04/01/2021

WE ARE TAKING THE NF HOPE CONCERT ONLINE…AGAIN! After a year living through this pandemic, the scientific community still doesn’t understand how COVID may affect the NF community. In an abundance of caution and continued concern for the NF community we work so hard to support, the Chicago and New York City NF Hope Concerts will be virtual again this year.

The good news is, for the last year, Neurofibromatosis Network continued to support NF families just as it has for more than 27 years.

COVID didn’t negate the needs of NF families, and while the NF Hope Concerts were able to fundraise successfully enough to keep NF Network’s invaluable programs alive, hundreds of new NF families continued to call in looking for answers and guidance.

We know first-hand what it means to have an organization to lean on. NF Network IS that organization for us and so many, and we want to be sure they’re there when the next NF family calls.

With this in mind, we invite you to join us for the NF Hope Concert Live Stream – 2nd Edition on Sunday, May 2 @ 7:00 PM EST for a night of entertainment in support of NF Network and the thousands of NF families that depend on them every day!

This year we are celebrating 10 years of the NF Hope Concerts. For the last decade the concerts have depended on the generosity of the theater community. So, this year, we are celebrating Broadway with an all-star lineup of theater royalty including Betty Buckley (Tony Award winner dubbed ‘The Voice of Broadway’), Lea Salonga (Tony Award winner and Disney Legend), Stephanie J Block (Tony Award and Helen Hayes Award winner), Sebastian Arcelus (from ELF, JERSEY BOYS, WICKED, RENT), Derrick Baskin (Tony Award nominee from AINT’ TOO PROUD, MEMPHIS, THE LITTLE MERMAID), Adam Jacobs (from ALADDIN (title role), LES MISERABLES, LION KING), Aisha Jackson (from FROZEN, WAITRESS, BEAUTIFUL), The 4 C Notes (The Midwest’s only Frankie Valli tribute) and more. We will also be speaking with NF Network Executive Director Kim Bischoff and inviting some of our NF families and most valuable supporters to join us on the broadcast.

You can join us by visiting our event page at http://nfhopelive21.givesmart.com. While you’re there, register to get access to our auction featuring private virtual concerts with some of our previous performers, vacation rentals and more! 

As a thank you to the generosity of the actors in the Broadway community who have dedicated their talents over the years to the NF Hope Concert, we will be contributing a portion of the proceeds to The Actors Fund to help theater professionals struggling during the pandemic. 

We can’t wait to “see” you on May 2nd!

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