Broadway stars raise funds for NF

Author: Robert Viagas for Playbill
Published On: 05/03/17

When you’re an actor, it’s not easy to walk away from a big stage musical gig. But Jeff Leibow had an even bigger calling.

Leibow left his role in the touring company of Jersey Boys to care for his daughter, who was diagnosed with the genetic ailment Neurofibromatosis (NF)—a so-far incurable neurological disorder characterized by tumors of the nervous system. Leibow has called upon Broadway friends including Chad Kimball (currently in Come From Away) and Mary Callanan (currently in Bandstand), to appear May 8 at a concert at New York’s SubCulture nightclub to raise money for the Neurofibromatosis Network.

Among other rising stars on the bill for the NF Hope Concert: Rob Marnell (Beautiful), Laurel Harris (In Transit), Aaron Ramey (The Circus in Winter), and The Doo Wop Project (featuring Tony Award nominee Charl Brown, plus Russell Fischer, Dwayne Milan, Dominic Nolfi, and Dominic Scaglione Jr.

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