Draw for a Cause: 2nd Annual SketchNF Auction

Author: Shilp Shah, SketchNF
Published On: 05/29/2024

SketchNF's second annual pediatric art auction is now open! Whether you've participated before or you're joining us for the first time, we invite all kids with any form of NF to take part in our auction. The format remains unchanged from last year, and we will be sending art packages free of charge to all participating families nationwide! You will be able create up to three drawings, and your artwork will be up for auction. The piece that raises the highest amount will be awarded a grand prize from NFNetwork and SketchNF.

SketchNF is dedicated to raising funds and creating a network for pediatric NF patients one sketch at a time. Our mission is to empower children with NF by allowing them to share their stories and hopes through the form of art. By auctioning off these original drawings, we hope to raise money for NF research and organizations such as NF Network in pursuit of a cure.  We also envision that every person who purchases a drawing will feel a personal connection with that child, knowing that their donation has given back directly to the effort of changing their life. As our community grows, not only will the number of youth empowered by SketchNF increase, but greater NF awareness can be spread. 

As each child’s unique story is shared through art, we hope that people can better understand the impact NF has on each of their precious lives.


To collect your auction packet and learn more about SketchNF, please visit: www.sketchnf.org


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