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Share Your Story, Be One Voice on Capitol Hill

Share Your Story, Be One Voice on Capitol Hill

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SketchNF: Empowering the Pediatric NF Community

After Sahil Shah was diagnosed with NF1, he sought ways to connect within the NF community. As a young adolescent, he found a need for additional support for others his age. Wanting to get involved and raise funds and awareness for neurofibromatosis, the idea for SketchNF was born from a conversation with his brother and a unique fundraiser, Doodle4NF.


The NF Network Releases Volume 21 of The Network Edge

In partnership with NF Northeast, the NF Network is delighted to bring you Volume 21 of our science column, The Network Edge, written by science writer Vanessa L. Merker, PhD. This periodic research review presents a summary of recent highlights from NF research and clinical trials in bite-sized pieces, allowing you to focus on the topics of most interest to you.

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Thank You, Together We're Making a Difference!

As 2022 comes to a close and we venture into 2023, we reflect on your unwavering compassion and generosity. From the bottoms of our hearts, we thank you for your continued support of the NF Network and the thousands living with neurofibromatosis. Our work wouldn't be possible without you! See how we're making a difference together.

People Spotlight

Medford High team manager battling neurofibromatosis receives lift from game

Medford High's varsity basketball team manager, Jonathan Malerba, is making an impact on and off the court. Despite the challenges he faces fighting neurofibromatosis, Jonathan continues to pursue his love of basketball, and his team is here to support in any way they can.

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