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Raise Your Voice for NF Research, Contact Your Representatives!

Raise Your Voice for NF Research, Contact Your Representatives!

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Update on NF1 Research from SpringWorks Therapeutics

SpringWorks Therapeutics is currently conducting a clinical trial for an investigational MEK inhibitor called mirdametinib in patients with NF1-associated plexiform neurofibromas. Their update includes an FAQ with information on mirdametinib and key information on clinical trials.


Brigitte Widemann Named a Top Ten Clinical Research Achievement Awardee

Brigitte C. Widemann, M.D., Chief of the Pediatric Oncology Branch at the National Cancer Institute, has been named a Top Ten Clinical Research Achievement Awardee by the Clinical Research Forum and has received a Distinguished Clinical Research Achievement Award for her study “Selumetinib in Children with Inoperable Plexiform Neurofibromas.”

Event Highlight

Celebrate Broadway with NF Hope Concert Live Stream, Second Edition

Theater royalty and Broadway's brightest stars join the all-star line-up for the NF Hope Concert Live Stream - Second Edition on Sunday, May 2nd. Join us for a night of entertainment in support of the NF Network and the thousands of NF families across the country who need our help.

People Spotlight

Paul Mendelsohn, Longtime NF Advocate, Passes

Paul Mendelsohn worked tirelessly alongside his wife, Helen, as a pioneer in the NF2 community. A founder and the first president of what is now the Neurofibromatosis Network, Paul’s advocacy and dedication impacted our NF community nationwide. His legacy is his friendship with many and his inspiration to all.

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