Woman with Benign Facial Tumor Embraces Her Differences and Becomes Makeup Artist

Author: Harriet Johnston for MailOnline
Published On: 01/24/2020

A woman who was told by doctors they couldn't remove a tumor growing on her face as a child has revealed how makeup has helped her to embrace her condition. 

Rhonda Manring, 27, from Virginia, was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes benign tumors to grow along the nerves, when she was two and was told by doctors that surgery could do more harm than good due to her age.  

Her tumors grew larger as she grew older and she began experimenting with colorful makeup, before starting an Instagram page which quickly amassed thousands of followers. The confident 27-year-old now believes her followers have helped her to embrace her condition, revealing: 'I'm glad I have the life I have. I wouldn't trade it for anything.'

Rhonda was first diagnosed with neurofibromatosis after her sister pointed it out when they were children. She said: 'My older sister noticed my neurofibromatosis and pointed it out to our mother. She immediately took me to the doctors. When I was diagnosed there wasn't much they could do that would help; it would have done more harm than good doing surgery back then... I went through a lot when I was little; from breaking my legs a total of five times each and wearing a halo to try and make my right leg grow.' 

She explained: 'I kept to myself throughout my years in school; I had a few good friends who are still by my side today and have loved and supported me. I've always been a bubbly, out-going person who loves life. The reaction from others would be mainly staring. It still happens to this day.'

But despite her negative experiences and being constantly stared at by strangers, Rhonda has remained positive in her attitude and was always considered 'bubbly' by nature.

As she grew older, she developed a love of makeup, which motivated her to upload tutorials on Facebook and Instagram where she has amassed an impressive 9,000 followers. Her social media community has helped her embrace her condition. She said: 'I'm a makeup enthusiast; I love being able to go into my makeup room and just create different looks.'

She now wants to raise awareness of neurofibromatosis through her love of makeup to show that it is not a contagious condition and that 'everyone is beautiful despite society's perception of beauty.'

Read Rhonda's full story here.

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