Perceived Fatigue in Children and Young Adults with NF1

Author: Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health — Vassallo G, Mughal Z, Robinson L, et al.
Published On: 1/14/2020

Investigators sought to explain the prevalence and severity of perceived fatigue in a young neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) population. They obtained ethical approval and invited 286 families NF1 affected people (n = 75) aged 2–18 years along with any unaffected siblings (n = 16) from the Manchester's NF1 clinic. There were notable variations among NF1 and controls in the aggregated fatigue core and the three sub-domains such as cognitive, physical and sleep/rest. Finding suggests that in comparison with healthy children who do not have NF1, children with NF1 were affected by perceived fatigue.

Read the full article on Journal of Paediatrics and Child Health.

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