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What do X-Files, Coffee and Neurofibromatosis have to do with each other? 

Let me try to explain. It sounds a little weird, but X-Files taught me that weird can be fun. 

Actress & activist Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully on The X-Files) lost her brother, Aaron Anderson, to NF. She's raised my awareness of a disease I honestly knew nothing about before. This fundraiser is a way for X-Philes (fans of The X-Files) to say thank you to Gillian, not just for her wonderful acting, but for being an advocate for NF research and for families affected by NF.

Why coffee? Last summer, I posted a picture of my coffee with the name 'Scully' on it to an X-Files Facebook fan group, asking other fans if they'd ever done the same. I wanted to hear the barista yell out "Scullaaay!" the way Mulder did numerous times on the show. So after finding a few other X-Philes willing to help out (thank you Alicia Peaker and Karen Magnussen Sarna) we pitched the idea of turning it into a fundraiser to NF Network and here we are!

How do you participate? 

1. Give your name as Scully at your favorite coffee shop on February 23 (Scully's birthday)*

2. Share a pic on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #ScullyCoffee4NF

3. Come back here to and make a donation (be sure to put Scully Coffee in the memo)

*if your coffee shop doesn't do names, ask them to (just tell them it's for a good cause) or write it on yourself (we won't know the difference). 

Check out our Facebook and Twitter Scullaaay!@ScullyCoffee4NF for future announcements. We hope to see lots of Scully coffees on February 23

Check back - - - There might even be some free stuff for donations at a certain level...


Do you want to go that extra mile to help raise awareness about NF?
Use the letter below to ask your local independent coffee shop to participate in ScullyCoffee4NF.  Be sure to fill in your information.

SC4NF Coffee Shop letter

If you ask your local shop, let us know! Whether they participate or not we’ll be sure to give you shout out (the first 10 people to ask a shop get a SC4NF decal)

If you have any questions about anything, or if you just want to talk about how great Gillian is, contact us at

Be sure to follow scullycoffee4nf on TWTTER and INSTAGRAM!