Great Steps4NF Walks

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May 16, 2015 - Boardman, OH
May 30, 2015 - North Kansas City, MO
August 8, 2015 - Wichita, KS
September 12, 2015 - Cartersville, GA
September 19, 2015 - Oxford, NC
October 17, 2015 - Memphis, TN

November 14, 2015 - Orlando, FL


Get a Head Start on Fundraising for your walk!  Your walk isn't for a while, but you would like to start raising funds now.  We don't want to hold you back, so below are 2 forms to get you started:

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About Great Steps4NF…

Great Steps Walks4NF take place in communities nationwide.  These inspiring events create strong bonds that build a supportive NF community.  The goal of these strong communities is to rally together and become one great voice in finding affective treatments and an eventual cure for NF.  These walks are great ways to involve family and friends, meet others who affected by NF, while raising awareness of this disorder and to create funding for NF research.

Take your first Great Step towards a cure by finding, registering, and then fundraising for a walk near you!

No Walk in Your Area?  No Problem!  Consider Starting a Walk Yourself!  Contact Yvonne Glass, Great Steps Walk Program Coordinator at or 630-510-1115.


Back again after a long day of #Neurofibromatosis #Advocacy. Thx Carmine's for your support! We can't get enough!